"An entertaining play... Wimbush captures and persuades us of an empathy with his aloof, contradictory, charming and sometimes chilling subject... contains a selection of Wellington's unforgettable one liners... rising to sustained drama in a gripping account of Waterloo." THE TIMES

"Wimbush appears to have a real understanding of, and sympathy for, the character he is impersonating... his play is most successful at pointing up the contradictions of Wellingto's personality... best of all is the splendidly dramatic account of Waterloo. The description of the battle has all the frenzied excitement of a racing commentary, but then Wellington suddenly stops and considers the human price of his greatest success; 40 - 50,000 men either dead or wounded. Wimbush's moving delivery of the great line, 'next to a battle lost the greatest misery is a battle gained', seems to bring us close to the heart of Wellington and the tragedy of war." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

"No less deadly is Martin Wimbush's Wellington, pouring out his life story, as a spry octogenarian preparing to replay Waterloo..." THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

"Martin Wimbush was born to play Wellington." TIME OUT

Alt text "A fascinating play which succeeds in revealing the private man behind the heroic figure... the meticulous research is painlessly incorporated into an entertaining but thought-provoking historical peepshow." SOUTH LONDON PRESS

"Martin Wimbush gives a committed performance and the values of this production are very high." WHAT'S ON IN LONDON

"A very human and entertaining portrayal of the life of this soldier, statesman and family man." GOOD TIMES

"Martin Wimbush etches a portrait of a brilliant military strategist and national hero, at once elated by having defeated 'the greatest dictator who ever lived' and troubled by an innate knowledge of the absurdity of war." CITY LIMITS

"With his rugged pugilist's profile Martin Wimbush bears a distinct resemblance to Wellington. Therein lies the motive for his respectful labour of love. The play consists of Wellington's reminiscences... set at Walmer Castle Kent... with evocative music by Benedict Cruft." THE STAGE

"Martin Wimbush is an accomplished actor. He skilfully took over the stage, and with a dignity befitting the occasion unfolded details of the great Duke's life... violinist Benedict Cruft provided superb original background music." OXFORD MAIL

"Then came the highlight of the evening, the electrifying account of the battle of Waterloo... the eerie calm beforehand, the pouring rain, the look of resolve or fear in the eyes of the men, the ringing commands, the clamour of battle, the tragedy of huge losses. The audience was stunned... a magical and memorable evening, utterly absorbing." WANDSWORTH SOCIETY

"Well directed by Ellis Jones, the storm of cheers and clapping following the performance, brought Wimbush back for several curtain calls." RYE OBSERVER

Alt text